Silver Lining for Shelter Dogs

Silver Lining for Shelter Dogs


Seeing as we are all about raccoon hunting supplies, it comes as no surprise that we love dogs. We may have a special place in our hearts for a bluetick hound sporting a Dogtra collar or a treeing Tennessee brindle hound responding to a Garmin Alpha, but we think just about any dog is a blessing.

We love hearing stories about dogs – especially when the stories have happy endings. And, with good news being in such short supply lately, we were absolutely delighted when we heard some good news about some dogs in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Kennel Emptied for the First Time Ever!

You wouldn’t think images of an empty kennel would be anything to write home about, but when that kennel is located in animal shelter, well that’s another matter. And that’s what you can see in a video the Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control shared on their Facebook page. You’ll also see the staff at the county shelter – all decked out in their face masks – cheering and clapping in celebration of the fact that the kennel had been emptied for the first time in the shelter’s history.

It turns out the coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in dog adoptions. And it’s not just in Palm Beach County where kennels are being emptied.

NBC News reported that, “As coronavirus spreads across the U.S., Americans in some of the country’s hardest-hit regions have stepped up to foster and adopt animals, keeping them out of shelters. NBC News contacted shelters and animal advocacy organizations with facilities in California, Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Texas, Washington, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and North Carolina. Every single organization said it was overwhelmed by the outpouring of community support that got animals out of shelters and into loving foster and adoptive homes.”

All of us here at The Buzzards Roost, your destination for raccoon hunting supplies and accessories like the PetSafe in ground fence, wish you and your family the very best during these difficult days.

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