Advantages of Wireless Dog Fences

Advantages of Wireless Dog Fences


Are you having a hard time trying to decide
how you can allow your dog to roam freely in your yard but without going over
to your neighbor’s and scaring their cat? Well, we have the solution for you; a
PetSafe wireless dog fence.

Wireless dog fences have been around since
the 70s but have recently gained popularity. There are factors that make people
choose them over a traditional fence. Unlike before when homes were hidden
behind fences, people showcase their homes more making the wireless dog fence a
great tool to maintain a boundary for your dog while not drawing any attention
away from your home.

Does A Wireless Dog Fence Work?

Basically, you, the owner will have a
transmitter that will be centrally located in your home. The transmitter emits
a radio signal which in turns create an
invisible boundary around your home. The area within this boundary is referred
to as the ‘
Safe Zone’. The safe zone
can be any size you want and ranges between a radius of 5ft to 1.5 acres.

Your dog will need to wear a collar that beeps
every time he goes near the boundary known as the correction zone. If they
ignore the beeping sound the collar delivers a gentle electric stimulation and
causes them to head back into the Safe Zone.

of A Wireless Dog Fence

There are many factors that make a wireless
dog fence a much better option to a traditional fence. These include:


the collar receivers and the transmitters are exceptionally durable. Transmitters
are built to withstand extreme
temperatures meaning they can be installed in the basement or garage. They are
also both lightning- and water-proof.

Easy to Install

fences are easy to install and don’t need any expertise. Some wireless fence
manufacturers will even offer at-home training for your doggo during the first
days after installation. Wireless fences vary in complexity, but it normally
doesn’t take more than 2 days to have a wireless system up and running.


Incase you’re wondering whether this technology would be a good fit for your dog,
you will be happy to know that it works with most dog breeds.


to a traditional fence, a wireless fence costs less to install. Over time the
technology has gotten better for a whole lot less, and manufacturers pass on
these savings to you. Maintaining a wireless fence is also not as much work as
maintaining a traditional one. With a traditional fence you will need to clean,
paint and repair. This is especially the case if you have dogs that love to
climb, scratch and dig.


no structure to either climb or scale, wireless fences are far more effective
than traditional fences for keeping your dogs within your home. In addition,
you can rest assured knowing that your dogs will not suffer any of the injuries
that come from scaling traditional fences such as scratching or impaling

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