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Now offering our G2 Head with a 6th LED in Color. This six LED headlamp will plug into a 17 volt to a 30 volt belt or box light. It has a brightness control switch, located at the back of the head and lets you control the brightness of your light, from the head or battery pack. You also will have a Toggle switch to switch from your color or your white light. With the advantage to dial down to very low lighting or dial up to the super bright light on both your white light and your color. With our K-light 21V battery pack you can get up to 14 days (350+hrs) on low and 14 hours on high. Your G2 head comes with the choice to pick from either a  Amber, a Green or a Blue LED for color. You can also choose two colors for an upgrade fee.  Your G2 head comes with a 4 year warranty 1 year full 3 years prorated. The Best Warranty out their for 5 or 6 and 7 LED Heads.

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Weight1 lbs
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Amber, Blue, Green

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