Buzzard’s Roost Long Range Magmount

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Buzzard’s Roost Long Range Magnectic Antenna for your Garmin Astro 220, 320, 430 or Alpha. This antenna will out perform the Garmin Magmount. Ranges will vary depending on terrain and conditions. I have personally seen 8 miles here in Eastern NC but average is 2-4 miles in average hunting conditions. Comes with 20′ coax. 

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5 reviews for Buzzard’s Roost Long Range Magmount

  1. Austin P

    This is the best GPS Mag-mount antenna I have come across. I would not hesitate to purchase this. The service at Buzzards Roost is great and you can’t beat the free shipping!!!

    Con: Wish the coax was about 6 foot longer.

  2. Matt

    This was my first purchase from BR, free shipping and was on my door step in 2 days, that’s hard to beat! I recently purchased the magmount antena for my garmin astro, I use it constantly and have been very impressed. I keep in near constant contact with my hounds which has made catching them so much easier. I can’t tell you how much time and gas this purchase has saved me.

  3. Anonymous

    I more than doubled my trackable range with this antenna

  4. Anonymous

    Works great!! Get better distance.

  5. Anonymous

    I get better distance now. Less interference.

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