Training Collars from Dogtra, Garmin and More

Training Collars from Dogtra, Garmin and More


Here at The Buzzard’s Roost, we are proud to carry a wide selection of training collars, including the Garmin TT 15 Collar and the Garmin PRO 70 System as well as a variety of Dogtra training collars, such as the Dogtra 1/2 Mile 2 Dog Remote Trainer and the Dogtra 3/4 Mile Dog Remote Trainer, in addition to other great training gear.

Electronic training collars for your dog work on the principle of respondent conditioning, which is rooted in basic biology and the psychology of learning associations. Basically, there are certain stimuli that biologically and naturally trigger certain responses – such as food, which triggers salivation. The smell of food makes a dog salivate. The stimulus is the smell and the response is salivation. It is an automatic, biological and reflexive physical response.

The sight and smell of food makes human beings salivate, too. However, unlike dogs, humans also salivate at the mere thought of food!

Both dogs and people also salivate to stimuli that they have been trained to associate with food. For example, your dog learns that when you reach into your treat pouch, he is about to get a treat. Of course, this principle of learning associations applies to humans also. We are talking about a STIMULUS followed by a RESPONSE, hence the term “respondent conditioning.” The food is a natural or unconditioned stimulus and the natural or unconditioned response to food is salivation.

Other stimuli naturally trigger different responses.

An electric shock is a naturally aversive stimulus that triggers avoidance and escape behavior. This is basic biology. When your dog sees you pick up the remote, which he has learned to associate with the shock, he will want to escape.

If you give your dog a shock whenever he does something you don’t want him to do, he begins to associate the undesirable behavior with the shock and he automatically avoids doing the undesirable behavior in the context in which the behavior naturally occurs. And this only takes a few trials. As quickly as possible, you want to pair a vibration with the shock, the initially neutral vibration becomes associated with the biologically aversive shock. After a few trials, just the vibration alone discourages the dog from doing the undesired behavior.

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