Why So Many Trust Dogtra Training Supplies

Why So Many Trust Dogtra Training Supplies


Here at The Buzzard’s Roost, we are very proud to carry training supplies from Dogtra, including a selection of Dogtra collars and Dogtra Pathfinder GPS gear.

The folks at Dogtra have been focused on developing effective training tools for dogs for more than 30 years. They are known for class-leading tools like the Dogtra e-collars, Dogtra GPS tracking and ball training to support dog owners in developing top-notch dogs.

We aren’t the only ones who like Dogtra’s line of training supplies. Their products are trusted by professional dog trainers and K-9 officers as well as those of us who love raccoon hunting.

Key Features of Dogtra Products

Dogtra helps you train your dog with durable training products equipped with great features like these:

  • Exact-stim stimulation control, which offers the precise correction level for every dog’s temperament.
  • Both nick and constant stimulation, which allow you to either get your dog’s attention with momentary rapid burst of stimulation or use continuing stimulation for demanding training situations or for stubborn dogs.
  • Reduced receiver / e-collar size, withlow/medium output units designed for dogs as small as 10 lbs., and low/high output units that can be used comfortably on dogs as small as 20 lbs.
  • Two types of stimulation output – low/medium output units for dogs with mild dispositions, and low/high output units for stubborn dogs or for demanding training situations.
  • Waterproofing on most Dogtra e-collars that covers both the handheld transmitter and the collar/receiver. (The iQ has a water-resistant handheld transmitter).
  • A variety of ranges from 400 yards up to a mile are covered in full line of Dogtra e-collars
  • LCD (liquid crystal display) on most units allows you to see the exact stimulation level. The screen has a back light for low light or nighttime usage.

Dogtra is a proud member of ECMA (Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association), and PETT (Partnership for Electronic Training Technology). And all of their factories are certified ISO 14001 – Environmental Management, and ISO 9001 – Quality Management standards.

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