Three essential items you need during every hunt

Three essential items you need during every hunt


When it comes to a successful raccoon hunt, it’s all in the equipment you use. Every seasoned hunter knows what to bring along for a hunt, but for the novice hunter, they may need a little help understanding exactly what to take along. We’ve put together a list of 4 items you need during every hunt. Here’s a look at the items:

1. Excellent raccoon hunting lights — Arguably one of the most important items to pack for every hunt, raccoon hunting lights are of vast importance. You will need excellent raccoon hunting lights that will last the duration of your night. You will also need to ensure they are bright enough to give you a far range to keep sights on your dogs.

2. Proper GPS equipment — Another essential item to pack for your hunt is an appropriate GPS. One of the main priorities of every hunter during their hunts is the ability to keep track of all of their dogs. It’s important to have a GPS that will track multiple dogs if you are using multiple dogs during your hunt. You will also need a GPS with excellent mapping capabilities to ensure you have a great visual of where you are, where you’re dogs are, and where you’re heading.

3. Dog tracking collars — Packing your dog tracking collars are crucial to ensure your dogs are safety being monitored during the hunt. This is to help you keep track of them and to ensure their safety during the hunt.

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