Training With E-Collars

Training With E-Collars


E-collars also known as electronic collars
are a key piece of equipment that are used in dog training. Some people
consider electronic collars controversial and claim that they are unnecessary
and use torture to get dogs to do what their owners want. However, this could
not be further from the truth. E-collars such as the dogtra collar are very effective
tools for dog training.

In this piece we will explore some of the
cons and pro of using an electronic dog collar as well as provide you with some
tips you can use when training a dog using one.

Some of the arguments that people make
against the use of electronic collars include:

cause anxiety and pain

There are some dog trainers who strongly
believe that electronic collars should not be used on dogs because they cause
them pain. While it is true that that an e-collar is capable of causing pain to
your dog, what some people unfamiliar with an electronic collar fail to
recognize is that e-collars have various levels of stimulus.

When you train a dog to use an e-collar
from a very young age, it is recommended that you use low levels of stimulus
which has the same effect as a tug on a leash. When the dog owner abuses an
e-collar you should know that it might lead to increased levels of aggression in
your dog.

We advise that you use your e-collar
properly and responsibly at all times.

are ineffective

Some people claim that since electronic
collars only provide negative stimuli, they are not as effective as other forms
of dog training that use positive stimuli. This is not true. However, it is
important to note that electronic collars are more effective for certain dog
types. For the best results if you decide to use a dogtra collar here are some
tips you should consider following:

  • Aggressive Dog

We do not recommend using an e-collar with an aggressive dog. Even though electronic
collars have various shock levels, any use of an e-collar on an aggressive pet
might exacerbate the situation.

  • Buy an appropriate dog collar

E-collars come
in three different types, that is, obedience collars, bark collars, and
containment systems. Barking collars and containment systems differ from
obedience collars in the sense that they automatically shock the dog when it
engages in unwanted behavior whereas an obedience collar relies on the dog
owner to initiate the stimulus using a remote controller.

  • Use multiple tools

Using a combination of positive stimuli and negative stimuli is a more effective way of
training your dog. Offering your dog treats when they obey your commands and
punishing them using an e-collar when they misbehave as well as using verbal
commands is an effective way of training your dog.

Are a Shortcut

There are some trainers who say that the use of
an e-collar is a dog-training technique used by people who do not want to put
in the work and be kinder to their animals. As mentioned before, some dogs
respond to a negative shock stimulus better than they do a tug on a leash.

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