In Ground Fence Vs Traditional Fence

In Ground Fence Vs Traditional Fence


When it comes to ensuring your dog stays
within a designated area, you have two options to look at, that is, a
traditional fence and an electronic fence otherwise known as in ground fencing.

In this article we will explore the
differences between these two fence systems as well as their benefits.

Between Traditional and In Ground Fences

Traditional fences provide a physical
barrier between your home and the outside world and can be made from a variety
of materials including wood or metal. The barrier also hides anything on the
other side of the fence from sight.

On the other hand, in-ground fences create
a containment zone using a boundary wire that is buried a couple of inches in
the ground. Your dog is able to see the outside world however. In order to let
the dog know where the boundary is, in-ground fencing uses boundary flags. Over
a period of 2 weeks you will need to train the dog to know where the boundary
is and that it’s not allowed to go beyond certain points.

This is achieved by having your dog wear a
receiver collar that beeps or delivers static stimulation every time the dog
gets near the boundary or goes past it. The static stimulation differs in level
from mild to strong and you have the freedom to change it to whatever level you

You Should Buy an In-Ground Fence

One of the major benefits of using an
electric fence such as a wireless dog fence, is that it is more affordable than
a traditional fence. The initial cost of buying as well as maintaining it is
relatively lower. This is especially helpful in situations where you have a
large yard you need to fence.

Additionally, they are much easier to install.
It normally takes anywhere between a day or two to install in-ground fences.
These types of fences tend to be very versatile in the sense that you don’t
have to follow a regular pattern when making the installation.

For instance, if you have a swimming pool,
you can place the boundary wire in front of the pool to keep the dog from going

In-ground fences help maintain the
aesthetic of a property and it is a great alternative in neighborhoods with
covenants that prohibit residents from putting up perimeter walls.

Another benefit that electric fences have
over traditional ones is that whereas as a dog can jump over a wooden or metal
fence, the receiver collar keeps the dog from ever leaving the ‘Safe Area’
established within the boundary. You can be sure that your dog will not dig
under the in-ground fence like it would a traditional one.

As mentioned earlier you don’t need to worry
about maintaining an in-ground fence. With a traditional fence you will have to
constantly maintain it. Every few months you will need to paint it over not to
mention fixing any damage caused by your dog or the elements.

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