How To Choose Raccoon Hunting Lights

How To Choose Raccoon Hunting Lights


There’s a certain excitement that comes
from hunting raccoons at night. As you might already know getting to find them
can be quite a task especially in the darkness. If you have some experience
hunting for racoons, then you know that there are two different things you need,
that is, raccoon hunting lights and coonhounds.

If your racoon hunting lights are not bright
enough, chances are that your nighttime excursion will be for naught. In this
guide we will walk you through some very important points to consider when
choosing hunting lights.

No matter what type of hunting lights you
are getting you need to remember that the best ones are those that meet the
criteria outlined below.


Remember that you will be walking around
the whole night when hunting for  raccoons, so your hunting lights should be
lightweight. A cumbersome light on top
of your head throughout the night might keep you from being focused
which is the last thing you would want on a hunting trip.

Long-life batteries

No one wants to hunt blind but that’s
exactly what will end up happening if you don’t pack long-life batteries on
your hunting trip.

Long Distance

Not all lights are created equal and while
some beams will help you see quite far into the distance, some lights aren’t
that powerful. When choosing raccoon hunting lights you need to ensure that beam
is strong enough to spot hiding raccoons from a distance.

Kinds of Raccoon Hunting Lights

There are different types of raccoon hunting
lights that hunters can use during their expeditions. Depending on several
factors such as how you hunt, will determine how many types of lights you need.
Most hunters normally use 2 or 3 different types of hunting lights.

Mounted Gun Lights

As you can probably guess from the name,
this type of lights are designed to be attached from the scope of a rifle. They
act similar to a handheld flashlight, however, they allow you to adjust beam
width as well as intensity.

Scope mounted hunting lights come in
different colors including yellow, green, and red. When buying a scope mounted
light you need to be mindful of its weight. A heavy light could throw of your

Headlamp Style Lights

As you can tell from the name, these are
led lamps that are attached to a cap for your head. It is especially useful if
you have to walk long distances before getting to your target. Since it is
handsfree and lightweight, not only are you focused but your hands are free to guide
your coonhound or carry other equipment.


This type of racoon hunting lights are useful
for spotting raccoons up in the trees. Some handheld lights require
long-lasting batteries to run while others can be used with a cigarette
adapter. The one disadvantage with this kind of hunting lights is that you will
need to operate them by hand and chances are by the time you clip back your
light to your belt and aim at the raccoon, the sucker will already have fled.

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